• “The archetype of the magician teaches us about creation, about our capacity to bring into being what never was there before, about claiming our roles as cocreators of the Universe.”

    Carol S. Pearce, The Hero Within


    The purpose of Fear Club is to learn how to consciously experience your fear, utilise its creative - and intelligent - energy and information, so you can navigate to the edges of your world and into the alive unknown field of Possibility and Invention.


    Modern culture tries to convince us that fear is a negative feeling that is unattractive and paralises us, and makes us weak and easily manipulated. In sum, it is bad news to feel fear. It is exactly because of these assumptions that corporations and politicians and marketing-news agencies are successful at manipulating and controlling the masses. If feeling fear is bad, then no one will ever want to develop the skills to feel fear consciously and use it’s tremendous power to not be manipulated and to create paths no one thought possible. Without consciously feeling and navigating your fear things stay the same, the external control endures, and the people can only react to the fear-mongering stimuli that is fed through the usual channels.


    Fear Clubs are extremely safe learning environments allowing you to reconnect to the adult and archetypal power and intelligence of your fear.

    Fear Club is not about healing your fear, make it go away, or calm down. 

    Fear Club is about developing the inner energetic resilience to experience the distinction between emotional fear and pure feeling of fear. This way you can use your emotional fear as a gateway to an emotional healing process, and you can access your unmixed conscious fear and use it:

    • To be alert and awake;

    • To be precise;

    • To walk in the unknown or a new situation;

    • To be present with all of you with what is;

    • To create something out if nothing;

    • To be aware of what needs to be handled;

    • To pay attention to many things at the same time;

    • To scan yourself, your gremlin activity, your archetypal lineage signal;

    • To scan other people’s gremlins, their archetypal lineage, their blockages, their commitment, their blind spot;

    • To navigate out of your comfort zone;

    • To notice if you are moving too slow or too fast;

    • To notice if you are considering too much or too little of other people’s wants when collaborating;

    • To notice if anyone is missing;

    • To notice if something is missing;

    • To scan for what is invisible and for what’s not being said and needs to be said;

    • To listen to the trees, to the rivers, to the animals and to the room;

    • To increase your innovation power;

    • To pioneer a new path;

    • To create more Aliveness;

    • To hold space;

    • To discover new ways, new moves, new possibilities, new parts of you and new parts of others;

    • To be a Mage and create real valuable magic;

    • To create genuine Intimacy and Love;

    • To continuously invent your relating with others;

    • To invent your life;

    • To discover your Lineage as a Fear Club Spaceholder.

    In other words, to discover the Creatrix, the Magician and the Sourceress in you.

    Fear signals you when you are in the ‘sweet spot’ of transformation, where it is uncomfortable and unknown, unpredictable and alive.

  • "Without Fear, Love is dead."

    - Clinton Callahan

  • Working With Fear


    Working with Fear can be intimidating because so few have confronted their own personal Fear and know how it goes. 

    Yet this is what starts the whole process of evolution. Fear work initiates everything.

    Fear Club is different from Rage Club. Its territory centers on unpredictability, invention and research.


    For the Fear Club to work it cannot be known how the Fear Club goes. At the end of the Fear Club, the fear explorers are different beings, closer through their journey, enriched by having found the door to an incredible rocket fuel for magic.



    - George Addair

  • Fear Club Offers




    one 2h online or offline session


    Fear Club can be scary.

    The Online Introduction to Fear Club is one of the safest way to start your Fear exploration in a held space.

    The Introduction to Fear Club is a door to Fear Club, where for four weeks you have the opportunity to inquire about your long standing relationship to Fear and the possibility of changing that relationship.

    A new relationship to Fear brings a new relationship to Aliveness, Possibility, Creation and Nonlinear 5 Body feeding relationships. What a gift!


    Limited to 40 participants.

    Investment: sliding scale 10-20 €/£/$



    4 (or more) consecutive weeks,
    2h30 each
    Participating in a Series Fear Club is a commitment to be on the Team and explore together the multitude of facets of Fear for all 4 weeks. We will al go into the electric creative territory of fear consciously.

    This includes: four 2h30 sessions and a Telegram group to share and support each other in between the sessions.


    During the Fear Club Series, we will explore how to:

    - use the experience of feeling fear as a neutral energy full of information and power

    - heal emotional fears coming from external authorities
    - use fear as a source of aliveness for you
    - deal with the emotional states of anxiety, isolation, and despair
    - navigate consciously the experience of fear for our personal and professional life
    - use fear as your creation power

    - use your fear to create intimacy in your life

    - take responsibility for the using the information of fear and navigating your life with discernment
    - etc, depending on your necessity.


    This Series of Fear Club is limited to 15 people.

    Investment: 80 €/£/$


    4 (or more) consecutive weeks,

    2h30 each

    4 weeks, one 2h30 session/week + ongoing experiments and collaboration on the Telegram group.

    PREREQUISITE: you have participated in one 4-week Fear Club, held at least one 4-week Rage Club and participated in a Rage Club Spaceholder Training.

    PURPOSE: Fear Club is different from Rage Club, it requires a distinct spaceholding to:

    • ongoingly invent Fear Club using your Fear as a a force of invention;
    • demonstrate how to use a space full of information- and impulse-rich Fear as a map for what is possible;
    • coach your participants to navigate their own fear;
    • access your Fear as a wizard/ress and sourcerer/ess;
    • navigate your participants to fine tune their fear;
    • as well as becoming a researcher jacked into Archetypal Fear.

    LIMIT: 24 participants.

    INVESTMENT: sliding scale 120-200 euros for the whole Series.

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  • Fear Club Spaceholders

    For Online and Offline Fear Journeys

    Anne Chloe Destremau Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club - Fear Club Series - Fear Club Spaceholder Training

    Vera Franco Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club - Fear Club Series - Fear Club Spaceholder Training

    Markus Bork Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club - Fear Club Series

    Christine Duerschner Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club - Fear Club Series

    Devin Gleeson Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club - Fear Club Series

    Jesse Eustis Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club - Fear Club Series

    Monika Mazur Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club

    Johanna Pfab Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club

    Kiri Bear Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club

    Jule Geller Fear Club Spaceholder headshot

    Intro to Fear Club

  • Articles OktoberFear 2021

    Fear: The Underestimated Power-force. Denied, Suppressed and rejected.

    by Christine Durschner

    Die Lebendige Kraft der Angst

    by Jule Geller

    HALLO ANGST! Was Willst du mir Heute Sagen?

    by Monika Mazur

    Pelko on Elämän Pelkoa.

    By Ronja Tammenpää

    3 Distinctions About Fear for Transformational Edgeworkers

    By Devin Gleeson

    Creating Intimacy Starts with Fear

    By Johanna Pfab

    Fear Is Full Of Possibility

    By Kiri Bear

    It’s Not Your Fear That Cripples You. It's Your Relationship to Your Fear.

    By Vera Franco

    Fear About My Growing Gremlin

    By Ingrid Schmithüsen

    Am I my Own Filter of Fear?

    By Markus Bork


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  • What does it take for you to hold Fear Club?

    You :

    • Have stellated your own anger to 100% 
    • Have stellated your own fear to 100% and fully or partly stellated your own sadness and joy as they come up when working with the feeling.
    • Can hold space.
    • Can experientially distinguish between feelings and emotions in yourself and in others.
    • Can experientially distinguish between YOUR feelings and emotions and OTHER PEOPLES' feelings and emotions.
    • Have your Gremlin by your side most of the time to not be hooked by other Gremlins.
    • Are mostly in Phase 2 of anger. In Phase 1, you learn to express anger. In Phase 2, you learn to use you anger consciously. 
    • Have completed the Rage Club Spaceholder Training.
    • Have delivered at least one Rage Club series.
    • Have successfully shifted identity into a Fear Researcher and have not left that identity, even when washing dishes or showering.
    • Have jacked into your Archetypal Fear.
  • Radical Survival vs Radical Relating

  • Daily Experiment: Say Hello to Your Fear

    Your 5 bodies change when you discover new possibilities while experimenting!


    Lower your Numbness Bar.

    Decide to sit down for 5 minutes with your Beep! book and a stone every day for 30 days.


    Hello Fear, what do you have for me?

    Each day pick the fear stone, lower your Numbness Bar and ask out loud: "hello, fear, what do you have for me?"

    Wait and listen to your fear. Write down what comes.

    Then ask again: "what else do you have for me, fear?" and write it all down.

    Do this until you have nothing more from your fear or until the 5minutes are up. Then say thank you to your fear for giving you so much clear information. Close the space.


    You fear does not decide. You decide.

    Then look at your list of fears. Check out which fears are both possible and probable. Then decide what wise action you can take in order to take care of the situation. Thank you fear again.


    If some of the fears are emotional fears not from your small now, ask someone in your Possibility Team or a Possibility Coach to take you through an Emotional Healing Process, so you can liberate the emotional energy from the past and be more available to the present and to your Archetypal Fear.