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  • “The archetype of the magician teaches us about creation, about our capacity to bring into being what never was there before, about claiming our roles as cocreators of the Universe.”

    Carol S. Pearce, The Hero Within


    The purpose of Rage Club is to change your relationship to the feeling of anger so that anger is consciously available to you as an adult whenever you need it, without being possessed or overwhelmed by it.


    In modern culture we are deeply conditioned to believe that it is not okay to be angry because “anger is one of the negative feelings,” and “anger is dangerous, loud, embarrassing, uncivilized”. When you learn to own your anger and use it responsibly, you get clarity and can act, protect yourself and avoid creating victim-drama-stories.


    Rage Clubs are an extremely safe learning environment allowing you to reconnect to the adult and archetypal power and intelligence of your anger.

    The use of conscious adult anger starts when the anger becomes the tool to:

    • say, “No!” or “Stop!”
    • say “Yes!” (by the way, you can only say yes, if you can say an authentic no, otherwise your yes is a lie)
    • change things, move things, stop things, start things
    • get rid of things
    • make boundaries
    • make distinctions (just wait until you discover that distinctions are more powerful than boundaries!)
    • answer questions, create clarity, eliminate confusion
    • commit, keep promises
    • take action
    • ask for what you want, or say what you don’t want
    • take a stand for something or for someone
    • hold space
    • maintain integrity
    • implement powerful intentions
    • take steps and move forward
    In other words, to do the next amazing thing in your life!

    1. Don't talk about Rage Club. (...unless you are German, in which case you might suffer the handicap of actually following rules, so in this case the rule for you would be: Tell everybody about Rage Club!)
    2. Tell everybody about Rage Club. 
    3. No violence. If you hurt somebody on purpose you are out and can never come back.
    4. No drugs or alcohol. (If you attend a session under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you must leave the session. If you miss 3 times you are out. No money back.)
    5. No shoes. (House shoes are shoes).
    6. One rage at a time.
    7. Rage until you say STOP or go until 100%.
    8. Drink water first and last.
    9. No snacks.
    10. Door locked at start time. If you are late you miss Rage Club. (If you miss 3 times you are out. No money back.)
  • Rage Club Onine via Zoom: It works!

  • Online Offers for Rage Club

    You are part of a top notch team!

    Online Introduction to Rage Club

    Tuesday 2 June 2020

    Spaceholder: Anne-Chloé Destremau

    Rage Club is a brilliantly clear and fun place to morph your frustration into your own decisiveness power:
    • * You are locked at home and the frustration grows everyday.
    • * You feel tired and depressed even after sleeping all night and doing nothing all day.
    • * You sense that you have a mission to accomplish but don't know where to start.
    • * You miss adventure and aliveness.
    • * You are with your children and you've lost hope to set boundaries with them that they respect. Maybe this applies also to your partner.
    • * You are annoyed at the sloppiness in agreements and wish for more clarity.
    • * You have participated in Rage Clubs before and long for the space!
    Doing a Rage Club online - and therefore at home - requires special attention to not disturb the neighbors. I will show you how to do this and still play full out!
    Registration: Anne-Chloé Destremau, annechloe.destremau@gmail.com
    Investment: 10 euros
    Limit: 16 participants.

    'Closed' Rage Club Fridays

    4 consecutive weeks, ask for start date

    spaceholder: Anne-Chloé Destremau

    Participating in a closed Rage Club is a commitment to be on the Team and explore together the multitude of facets of anger for all 4 weeks.
    This includes: four 2h30 sessions and inclusion in a WhatsApp group to share and support each other during the four weeks.
    We explore:
    • - how to keep your center and attention, even in face of ‘authority’ and distractions
    • - how to say ‘No’ and ’Stop' and ‘Yes'
    • - how to make commitments that change who you are, a change that shows up in your actions
    • - how to use low intensity anger (between 1-20%) in your every day life (to make decisions, say what you want, negotiate intimacy, clear out things, and unleash the mysterious intelligence of your feelings that has so long been suppressed)
    • - how to use ordinary and archetypal levels of anger as a neutral source of energy and information
    • - etc, depending on your necessity.
    Registration: Anne-Chloé Destremau
    Investment: 80 euros (for 4 weeks)
    Limit: 12 participants

    Each Rage Club Session can include practicing together one or more

    of the following practical daily-life applications of anger:

    • Say, "I feel angry because..." rage.
    • Say, "No!" in 5 bodies rage.
    • Say, "Stop!" in 5 bodies rage.
    • Apple rage.
    • Newspaper rage.
    • Towel rage.
    • Standing rage.
    • Completing incomplete past anger rage.
    • Pre-verbal, child, Gremlin, adult rage, one after the other.
    • Destroy a telephone directory rage.
    • Running rage (or running in place rage).
    • Pushups rage.
    • Floor rage (safely held down on both arms and both legs.
    • Tantrum on a mattress rage (3-3-3 Exercise).
    • Stick work on a cushion rage.
    • Breaking a pencil rage.
    • Telephone rage (practice yelling on the phone rage).
    • Carrot rage (watch the video).
    • Pizza Dough rage. (Then make pizza!)
    • Standing cushion rage (boxing, punching, kicking).
    • Writing a letter rage.
    • Shout curse words without repeating yourself or laughing rage.
    • Raging with kind words.
    • Make a boundary rage.
    • Make a distinction rage.
    • Land your distinction in the space rage.
    • Speak through the Box into the person's Be
    • ing rage.Make a decision rage.
    • Say, "Stop!" rage.
    • Say, "No!" rage.
    • Start a new thing rage.
    • Stop speaking in the middle of a sentence rage.
    • Change your mind and tell people about your new thinking rage.
    • Change direction in the middle of your walking rage.
    • Change the song in the middle of your singing the song rage.
    • Shouting, "I did it!" rage.
    • Walking through the center of town with your arms spread out wide rage.
    • Do not speak when someone asks you a question rage.
    • Ask for what you want rage.
    • Build a new thing rage (with paper, string, straw, wood, cloth, recycled plastic, old clothes, etc.)
    • Art on paper rage (with wax crayons, with marker pens, with paint, with finger paints, with mud).
    • Create clarity rage by saying what the Rules Of Engagement of a gameworld is, no discussion.
    • Being a Guardian rage - to protect the Earth, to pick up litter, to repair things, to pull weeds.
    • Hold space rage (for a context, for a process).
    • Do not move from your place rage.
    • Bokken (Japanese wooden practice sword) rage.
    • Escape the patriarchy rage.
    • Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera High Level Fun rage.

    Rage Club, Ravensburg (Germany)

    Nicola Scheibitz

    "Quite a few times in the check-in I and others have felt tired and would have actually preferred to sit on the couch having a quiet night... and then in the check-out I felt amazingly refreshed and happy, very connected to myself and the others in the group. And it felt so meaningful. "

  • Are you mad as hell and you can't take it anymore?

    Great, this is where your new future starts.

    You can:

    1. Find a regular Rage Club near you on the Possibility Management Website - furiously click here.

    2. Go to a Anger Day - frustratedly go here.

    3. Create your own Rage Club! - in outrage scroll down


  • What does it take for you to hold Rage Club?

    You :

    • Have stellated your own anger to 100% and fully or partly stellated your own fear, sadness and joy as they come up when working with anger.
    • Can hold space.
    • Can experientially distinguish between feelings and emotions in yourself and in others.
    • Can experientially distinguish between YOUR feelings and emotions and OTHER PEOPLES' feelings and emotions.
    • Have your Gremlin by your side most of the time to not be hooked by other Gremlins.
    • Are mostly in Phase 2 of anger. In Phase 1, you learn to express anger. In Phase 2, you learn to use you anger consciously. 
    • You have personally experienced and can fully deliver the 6 core rage processes: twisting towel, standing rage with & without resistance, floor rage with & without resistance, stick rage.


    1. Experiments

      Your 5 bodies change when you discover new possibilities while experimenting!